Financial expertise is not required; the lesson plans, curriculum, course materials and training will be provided to all volunteer instructors.  The training will include an overview of the financial literacy curriculum, Prezi presentations, information from Make A Difference staff and experienced volunteers on how to engage students, and what to expect in the classroom.  You will receive all the materials needed to be successful, including a CD with the curriculum materials, written instructor notes, and handouts for the students.


Each class period allows for 45 to 90 minutes of instruction. Scheduling is flexible and is dependent on class structure and the particular educator’s lesson plans.

Volunteers are scheduled based on their availability, scheduling preferences (proximity to school, convenient times, days etc.), comfort level and skill level.  Make A Difference – Wisconsin works diligently to pair volunteers with the most appropriate classrooms to maximize benefit and enjoyment for all involved.


 Volunteers are asked to commit to deliver the Make A Difference – Wisconsin program in its entirety, alone or with a partner, one time per school year (three 90-min classroom sessions or six 45-min classroom sessions).

Make A Difference – Wisconsin asks that volunteers attend a training session (held 2x annually) or view the training video in its entirety.

Volunteers are expected to review classroom materials thoroughly and to be familiar with the content before entering the classroom. 


Make A Difference – Wisconsin provides training on classroom engagement and curriculum delivery.

    • Live training opportunity 2x annually
    • Online training offered on a continual basis

Training materials, presentation materials, handouts, student surveys and evaluations are all provided and delivered by Make A Difference – Wisconsin to the volunteer via Bonded Transportation Solutions.

Make A Difference – Wisconsin staff are readily available to provide tips, support, and to help with any unforeseen scheduling conflict.

“Monthly Minute” emails, quarterly newsletters, and networking events allow for enhanced program delivery and idea sharing.

School Information

You will be provided with detailed school information, including:

  • The school name and address
  • Where to park, and how to enter the school
  • Classroom # and Classroom Teacher contact info

To Sign On

The investment of your time, energy, and commitment can reap tremendous benefits in the young lives you will touch. Help us make a difference and ensure the success of our youth, our state, our economy, and our future.

Please complete and submit our Instructor Application Form.