The Financial Literacy Program

Make A Difference – Wisconsin offers the opportunity to connect your high school students to volunteers from the community with a diversity of experience and expertise. The Make A Difference – Wisconsin curriculum exposes youth to basic information on managing finances and making informed decisions about money, providing lessons that will benefit them for years to come.

Volunteers are screened and trained to engage students in a classroom environment and on delivery of the Make A Difference – Wisconsin curriculum.

Three Seminars:

Bank Your Future

Learning about budgeting, saving, and living within your means.

Check It Out

How to open and maintain a checking account, and the benefits of using checking accounts.

To Your Credit

Establishing and using credit in a responsible manner.


Make A Difference – Wisconsin is flexible. We work to ensure that scheduling meets your needs and fits into your lesson plans. Volunteers are paired with classrooms based on availability, strengths, and preferences (both educator and volunteer) so that the highest quality, most beneficial program is delivered.


Connect with us to help give your students the tools they need to avoid financial distress and to enjoy prosperity as they enter adulthood.

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