Volunteers trained in engaging today’s students deliver the Make A Difference – Wisconsin financial literacy curriculum over a series of classes touching on basic concepts, that when understood can help shape a positive future for students, their families, and the community as a whole.  The Make A Difference - Wisconsin program in it’s entirety consists of six 45 - 50 minute classes; scheduling is flexible and Make A Difference is able to coordinate with a wide variety of school-day structures (standard 7 - 8 period days, block schedule, project based independent learning etc.).  The Make A Difference - Wisconsin program is intended to be a beneficial supplement and we will work with you to ensure that it meets your needs and the needs of your unique students.

Bank Your Future: 

  1. What is taken out of your paycheck
  2. The concept and benefits of budgeting
  3. How to prepare and use a budget
  4. Ways to save money and living within your means
  5. Compound interest (how money grows) and the benefits of saving early
  6. Types of saving and investment vehicles

Check It Out

  1. Useful Financial Terms
  2. How to open and manage a checking account
  3. Online banking and bill pay
  4. Check cashing store vs. checking account
  5. How to write a check
  6. How to keep records
  7. Identity Theft and how to protect yourself

To Your Credit

  1. What is credit
  2. How does a credit card work and what does it cost
  3. Using credit responsibly
  4. What is a credit report / credit score is and how it is used
  5. How your credit score will affect your ability to buy a car or get a home mortgage
  6. How to start building a good credit history
  7. Where to go to learn more