Congratulations to Stacy Leuty 2014 Lloyd Levin Difference Maker

Tootsie Rolls and a tool belt. Those are just two of the props Stacy Leuty uses to convey financial literacy concepts to high school students as a Make A Difference – Wisconsin instructor.

The board of directors and staff are proud to name Stacy as the 2014 Lloyd Levin Difference Maker, an annual award that recognizes one volunteer’s exceptional commitment to the Make A Difference – Wisconsin mission.

An accountant by training, Stacy has been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years. In eight years as a volunteer, she combines her professional background with a passion for teaching to help her students start their financial lives with good habits.

She draws motivation from “You see so many people are living beyond their means,” she said. “In the recession, so many houses in my neighborhood went into foreclosure. I don’t want that for my kids and I don’t want it for any child.

“My heart goes out to kids who don’t have good role models. It’s my passion in life to inspire them and get them off on the right start. I stress to the kids that they are already using money and will be financially independent sooner than later. I motivate them to listen to me. I have a ton of tricks I use to keep the class fun.”

Brenda Campbell, executive director of Make A Difference – Wisconsin, observed, “Stacy has a special gift for engaging students with her creative activities and straightforward approach. She has gone above and beyond by accepting multiple assignments, offering thoughtful feedback, and helping to develop our new online volunteer training program. We’re honored to have Stacy’s support.”