I Went Home With So Much More

“Being an alumnus of MPS (Pulaski High School) I was excited and at the same time nervous about getting in front of a group of young adults at Hamilton High School. I realized early that I was in the same situation 20 years ago. This group was about to graduate and enter the real world. What a perfect time to deliver the message to make smart money decisions starting life on the right foot. These kids asked many questions and were very much involved in the class. They seemed to feed off my excitement about the subject material. I found they really wanted to know more about savings and establishing good credit. Don’t we all wish we knew this stuff 20 years ago? (The classroom teacher) was very enthusiastic and prepared the class well ahead of my presentation. I was flattered when the kids presented me at the end of the year with a thank you card and a Hamilton High School t-shirt I proudly wear. I went in thinking I was going to give these kids something… I went home with so much more.”

Michael J Koerner
Investment Advisor and Financial Planner
Annex Wealth Management, LLC