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What to expect as a Volunteer Instructor

As a MAD-WI volunteer, you will be invited to attend training to prepare for classroom instruction. Financial expertise is not required; the lesson plans, curriculum, course materials and training will be provided to all volunteer instructors. The training will include an overview of the financial literacy curriculum PowerPoint presentations and what to expect in the classroom. You will receive all the materials needed to be successful, including a CD with the PowerPoint materials, written instructor notes, and handouts for the students.

The curriculum consists of three seminars that you will deliver over the course of 6 classroom periods. Each period allows for 45 minutes of instruction. Scheduling is flexible. Based on your availability and scheduling preferences, you will be matched to a specific MPS High School classroom (in your own HS if you are an MPS grad) and we will connect you with the classroom teacher to select instruction days that are most convenient for you.

School Information
You will be provided with detailed school information, including:

  • The school name and address
  • Where to park, and how to enter the school
  • Classroom # and Classroom Teacher contact info
  • In the future, this information will be accessible (password protected) on the MAD-WI website

Benefits of Volunteering
As with everything else in life, you will get out of volunteering what you put into it -- and often a great deal more. The investment of your time, energy, and commitment can reap tremendous benefits in the young lives you will touch. Help us make a difference and ensure the success of our youth, our state, our economy, and our future.

“The experience allowed me the opportunity to give back to the school that I graduated from. It also provided me the opportunity to meet with some really great teenagers, who were interested in making a difference in their own lives or within this community.

Oftentimes in the news media we hear of all of the trouble within the Milwaukee Public School system; however, when you actually get into the schools you see that the majority of the kids are not trouble but are hard working students interested in their future career development.”

James Harpole, Captain, Milwaukee Police Department


donateFor more information, please contact Brenda Campbell, Executive Director at (414) 273-8101 or [email protected].

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