Money Sense

The Make A Difference Money Sense program consists of three presentations: Bank Your Future, Check It Out and To Your Credit. The entire program is delivered in six, 50-minute presentations by volunteers from the business community, who share their own unique insight along the way. The program targets 16-to-18-year olds because that is when the concepts are most relevant. It’s the age range when they will likely be first confronted with jobs, budgets, bank accounts and credit card offers. Money Sense features a popular core of finance lessons readily adaptable for the classroom.

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Bank Your Future

  1. What is taken out of your paycheck?
  2. The concept and benefits of budgeting
  3. How to prepare and use a budget
  4. Ways to save money
  5. Compound interest (or how money “grows”) and the benefits of saving early
  6. Ways to save and invest

Check It Out

  1. How to open and manage a checking account
  2. Reasons to avoid check cashing stores
  3. How to write a check
  4. How to keep records and access your money
  5. Online banking and bill pay
  6. Identity theft and how to protect yourself
  7. “Jeopardy!” game (optional)

To Your Credit

  1. Understanding credit
  2. How does a credit card work and what does it cost?
  3. Using credit responsibly
  4. What are credit reports and credit scores? How are they used?
  5. How credit scores affect your ability to buy a car and home
  6. How to start building a good credit history